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  • Nancy Knauf

    I find the editor function to customize the website be very slow and cumbersome. I was able to customize the home page but had to play around with the fonts and spacing to make it work. The content doesn't appear in the editing block the way it publishes. I also spent a long time adding images to the library to customize the photo page. I spent 90 minutes and only got 5 images to publish.  My vertical images do not appear in the horizontal spaces and I can't rotate or edit them (as far as I can tell). Am I supposed to do this in another program and then import? I am also having difficulty replacing the temporary images. I added a photo multiple times but it will not publish. A white square appears in its place. Or the temporary images move around freely on the page when I am not trying to move them. 

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  • Gerry Cobley

    Thanks for the feedback Nancy. I have responded to your trouble ticket with some suggestion on handling images on the image Gallery page. That page has some fancy zooming effects, so it can get tricky to edit, but vertical images work fine (they are just cropped in the preview).

    There is not a full image editor built in, so you cannot rotate images. It is certainly a good idea to open the images up in an editor and rotate/tweak them before you try to use them in the system.


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