System does not recognize credits that should be applied at checkout




  • Marie Kaminski

    When do you anticipate that the ability for the credits to be automatically applied will be started? This would be a very welcome change.

  • Julie Tanenbaum

    We would find that super helpful, as well.

    -Julie and Kathryn

  • Gerry Cobley

    I have put this feature on our official development list. No date yet.

    For this who are new to this idea, this is an alternative to just refunding.

    One question: Is this something that should be done always, for every family with a credit? If so, we would make it a preference you can turn on for your whole center/studio. The other option is to enable it for a specific family (at the time you make the adjustment for example).



  • Cheryl Sabo

    i'd love the credit to be automatically applied at check-out as well ---- any development in this area?

  • Uta Weiland

    I really would love it also if a family automatically has their payment adjusted if their is a credit on their account! Otherwise i wouldn't list it as credit!

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