Show class schedule without enabling registration




  • Elina Coulter

    Has this feature been implemented yet?

  • Gerry Cobley

    Not yet Elina.

    We are focussed on mailing improvements and Coupon Codes right now.

    You could  put the session in preregister mode and set the required session to one that has no enrollments in it. It might look a little strange, but would get the classes to appear but not allow registration.


  • Cheryl Sabo

    Sorry, newbie question - if a class is Active (demo) it will allow anyone to register and if a class is in pre-register it will allow only returning families to register but anyone can view both?

    i love the display option, i will use that next session.


  • Gerry Cobley

    Hi Cheryl,

    All active and pre-register classes are visible to everyone. The pre-register ones show a "pre-register" link instead of a "Register" link and clicking that kicks in the logic as to who can proceed with registration.


  • Gerry Cobley

    Here is the best work-around to show classes without actually allowing registration or pre-registration. 

    1. Create your new session and set it for "No Pre-Registration" 
    2. In the Session description, put some bold or "H2" format text to explain your pre-registration and normal registration dates
    3. Activate the session
    4. Select all your classes (using the widget at the top left of the classes list) and put them in Pre-Registration

    The session schedule will now appear on your site, but no registration will be possible.

    Limitations: If a family ignores your description of registration dates and clicks the pre-register link, they will see a message that says the class is in pre-registration but gives "--" as the date registration starts.

    Hope that works for the time being


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