Duplicate Families, Login Issues




  • Kathy Eckhaus

    If there's any way you can show how to do what you discuss in the final paragraph, that would be appreciated. And what if the new account is the correct e-mail address and the old account is incorrect? 

  • Gerry Cobley

    Sure thing.

    Removing a duplicate family - step by step: this assumes a new duplicate family was created with one enrollment

    1. Look over the new, duplicate family to see if any contact information or email is different and make a note of it before you do anything so you can later update the original family.
    2. Go to the class enrollment page where the new family/new student is enrolled and remove them.
    3. Go to the new family AR page where you should see most/all fees set to $0. If there is a non-$0prorated tuition fee or registration fee left on the account click "modify" to make it $0.
    4. There will be a credit balance on the account if they have made a payment. This is one of the rare occasions where you will need to use the "Make and Adjustment" button to Debit them this amount and get their account to $0. Note the amount - it should be the amount of their payment.
    5. Now go to their Family Account Info page and click "Archive this Family" near the top left. OK to confirm
    6. Now go back to the class enrollment page and enroll the student from the original family ("Find Student to Enroll")
    7. Go to the Family AR page and use the "modify" links to make any adjustments to the class fees (prorates, discounts etc)
    8. Use the "Make and Adjustment" button to Credit them the same amount you debited the duplicate family. This covers the payment that was made on the duplicate family account.
    9. You will probably see that the account is imbalanced (scheduled payments don't add up to the balance on the account). In any event, click "View All" above the transaction list to see the scheduled payments, and click "modify" for any one of them.
    10. If the family has zero balance, you will just confirm that no payments need to be scheduled. If there is a balance, you will be able to adjust the payment schedule to match your policies.
    11. Finally, if there were contact/email changes the family wanted from the duplicate account, go ahead and enter them here.

    That should do it.


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