Text Messaging to customers




  • Kayla Hughes

    Yes! I'd be interested in this feature!

  • Meredith Mitchell Gornto

    I would be interested in this as well.  Currently "Remind" is the app of choice to send group texts to my families but it would be easier to do it through YV since we already have the phone numbers stored here.  Thanks!


  • Gerry Cobley

    Is anyone interested in describing how you would want this to work?

    I am not sure of the typical "use cases". 

    Would you send a text instead of an email, or as a summary of the email?

    Bulk texts or one family at a time? One class at a time?

    Your input would help!


  • Meredith Mitchell Gornto

    I would send texts (instead of emails) to families to remind them of no class days, registration deadlines, & any items that I need them to bring to class on a given day. Would be helpful to have the option to single and multiple classes. Thanks!

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